Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

I have spent a large part of the week at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. It’s great to be involved in the largest flower show in the world!

I spent press day (Monday) helping the school kids set up their scarecrows for exhibition. It was great to see how excited many of them were to be there and the amount of energy they have!

On Wednesday I spent the day on the RHS advisory desk, answering all kinds of queries and questions from the public, most of them horticultural. Regular questioned included ‘Why are the leaves on my Acer curling’ and ‘My raspberry canes are dying, what have I done wrong?’

Many of the answers to these questions are not necessarily the fault of an individual, but more a case of exposure to weather extremes such as strong winds and excessively wet and waterlogged soil.

Over the course of the week there has been over 5,000 enquires, so hopefully we now have a lot of satisfied customers!

I was fortunate enough to spend Thursday and Friday on the ‘One Show garden’ which was designed by competition winner Alex Noble.

I spoke to her at the beginning of Thursday to get a deeper insight into her thoughts and meaning behind the garden she had created. This helped me to convey and interpret the meaning, impact and impression the garden was trying to create to visitors. It was also important to ensure I knew all the plants; this would help with the guaranteed question – ‘What’s that plant?’ Some seemed impressed and then saw it as a challenge to ask me what others were, hoping I wouldn’t know! One gentleman asked me how I know so much, my response; lots of practice as it’s my job!

Finally today I’ve just spent the day milling with friends and seeing some of the show I hadn’t got round to viewing. It’s been a hot one though, so sheltering under a large lime tree was also a popular choice!

To see all of this year’s show gardens and winners, visit the RHS website here.

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