This week I completed my final practical assessment for the Wisley diploma. The preparation and build up has been quite intense, but I feel that the pressured environment you may put yourself under to achieve success is important to do from time to time.

There are many challenges you may face in horticulture and I think it’s important to give it your best shot each time. There may be multiple methods of achieving success, but if there is a required method for an exam, I suggest you learn it!

The exam consisted of 16 separate practical tasks ranging from knife skills in grafting and cuttings, identifying ingredients in growing media as well as multiple idents of plants, pests, diseases and equipment used in horticulture.

Now I’ve passed this, my marks, along with the other results from various projects I’ve completed over the two years has guaranteed my graduation with two project marks still pending.

So horticulture can provide satisfaction and a reminded of what you really do know, so don’t forget to test yourselves sometimes. It can give you the inner confidence to enhance your learning and work on what you’re not so sure on.

Happy learning!

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