Bedding update

So it’s been a little while since the bedding went in, with moderate successes.

Unfortunately the stock of Solenostemon we purchased had been pinched back too late and shortly after planting began to show symptoms of stress and root rot.

These were removed and replaced with a mix of different Solenostemon as we were unable to source enough of the cultivar we required. Ordering bedding now is very late in the year and it is advised that you place orders in the previous autumn.

Since then we have had a mix of hot periods and sporadic heavy rain; this is not ideal for the bedding, and although most plants in the design are tropical they require a lot of water (along with humidity and relative high temperatures) which they are simply not getting. This has led to the impatiens becoming scorched or ‘sunburnt’ on their flowers.

On the other hand, the petunias have been flowering like crazy, creating a mass of new buds from time to time! The cosmos are flowering well in the end beds, and are beginning to flower in the middle beds after being pinched back as they were beginning to sag in the heavy rain storms. The cut back also provides an additional bonus of further variation in height between the three beds.

The cannas on the whole are growing well and have begun to flower. Their height is almost what I had envisaged- perhaps a little small, as the purple foliage and red flowers rise above the flowering cosmos.

General comments from the public are positive and one is quite true – ‘It looks amazing… from a distance.’ Partly what was intended, but the problems of late planting and extreme weather means the planting hasn’t quite filled out how we would love, but I think we are around 5 weeks behind where it should be if it had been planted in early to mid-May as most bedding is. So if the weather stays warm and we get enough rain then we have all reason to stay optimistic and enjoy our creation!

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