Allotment challenge

Secret Sunday show garden number 2!


This time I was involved in creating a contemporary allotment based on the idea that all things in the garden were either edible or provided medicinal value to science.

We wanted to display planting companions that would not only look good together, but would also grow well together. It was great to be able to develop the practical aspect of a topic I have an interest in. I could finally play around with combinations I had previously only researched about (whilst writing my dissertation on companion planting when at Wisely.)


The garden consisted of multiple raised beds that varied in height and size- and took longer to assemble than we would have liked! This seemly random arrangement had purpose- aiming to provide contrast and kept the eye moving. We also varied the interest in each bed, having some with hot colours whilst others were cool themed. Another objective was to mix planting so that they could protect and support each other, creating a beneficial symbiosis in more ways than one!

Having staggered paths leading into and out of the garden gave the garden flow and made it appear wider than it was, whilst the thyme and sage planted in the cracks gave an additional scent bonus.


The garden provides a mix of colour themes, height, shape, size, growing habit, harvest times and taste


Some of my favourite combinations included the blue and white pastel mix of

Echineacea with Perovskia, Nepeta and Bay (Laurus noblis); the hot mix of Achillea, Sanguisorba and Hemerocallis; and pockets of fennel, lettuce and chard mixed with climbing vines and Malabar spinach (Basella rubra)


Another great little project to be involved in and a privilege to help out on what seemed another success. Well done to all involved and big thanks to all the other exhibitors for the last minute help to finish 3 minutes before opening!


And finally, a big shout out to Sean Cameron from the horticultural channel for getting it all on tape- everyone likes a timelapse don’t they? You can watch it here:


A bit different from your general ‘straight lines’ allotment don’t you think?

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