A visit to Wales Botanics

This week I headed over the border to visit my grandparents. It wasn’t long before the topic of conversation swayed to what I planned to do during my stay. A few ideas were discussed before we banked on going to the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

It’s been around 10 years since I previously visited when I was much younger as was the planting in the garden!

It was great to see how it has progressed and was highly impressed with the Mediterranean biome, providing a paradise display on a selection of plants which I have really began to become interested in.

Some particular highlights of the Mediterranean biome where the selection of Anigozanthos flavidus and manglesii varieties, the prolific sight of Hibbertia grossulariifolia in full flower and the subtlety of Hebenstretia dura which remind me of little hands!

I was really impressed with the layout of the site as a whole, but also how individual projects had been planned, the use of symbolic design, planting combinations (either as colours or complementary in botanical classification) and overall impact. To me, it was evident that a lot of thought had been put into it, and found the concepts of display innovative and fresh.

Asides from the biome, other highlights and points of interest for the season included the floriferous display in the walled garden, notably a Hoheria sexstylosa ‘Crataegifolia’ providing great wall coverage. The botanical grouping of plants created some lovely complementary movements, particularly in the Asteraceae section.

The dry garden around the biome was also a great piece to enhance the biome as a focal point of the bigger landscape.

So if you’re ever visiting over that way, it’s well worth a look!

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