Bedding update

So it’s been a little while since the bedding went in, with moderate successes. Unfortunately the stock of Solenostemon we purchased had been pinched back too late and shortly after planting began to show symptoms of stress and root rot. These were removed and replaced with a mix of different Solenostemon as we were unable […]

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

I have spent a large part of the week at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. It’s great to be involved in the largest flower show in the world! I spent press day (Monday) helping the school kids set up their scarecrows for exhibition. It was great to see how excited many of them were […]


This week I completed my final practical assessment for the Wisley diploma. The preparation and build up has been quite intense, but I feel that the pressured environment you may put yourself under to achieve success is important to do from time to time. There are many challenges you may face in horticulture and I […]

Know your weeds!

During the last week I’ve been trying to memorise and retain 60 different weeds for today’s identification test. Here at Wisley we are regularly tested with plant identifications, usually fortnightly, and although it can sometimes feel all too much like hard work with everything else going on, the botanists do try to make it fun! […]